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ICNET Clinical Surveillance Software

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The Insight to Make More Informed Decisions on Medication Usage and Infection Control

ICNet clinical surveillance software puts the focus on precisely the information you need.

  • Integrated systems and workflows to pull data from your current clinical information systems and to organize it into actionable information
  • Customized alerts and reports automate and expedite what once were manual tasks
  • Modular structure allows clinicians to target specific goals for infection prevention, antimicrobial stewardship and surgical surveillance
  • Partnering at more than 1,200 hospital sites globally has given Baxter insight into clinical best practices

Our development team continuously refines and improves ICNet software in response to changing healthcare concerns. We focus on advancing clinical surveillance technology so you can focus on patient care.

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Our team of consultants rely on 20 plus years of clinical experience to help customers like you address the complex challenges associated with the growing resistance to antimicrobials. We will focus on the areas that matter to you in support of your goals to improve patient safety and operational efficiency.
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