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Oral and Enteral Systems, Topical Dispensers

For the safe and proper use of the devices referenced within, refer to the complete Instructions for Use.

Oral and Enteral Systems, Topical Dispensers

A full range of syringes, dispensers and accessories designed to help deliver oral, enteral and topical medications with medication delivery safety features.

  • EXACTAMED Oral Dispensers feature a dispensing tip and specific route of administration syringe labeling designed to help prevent wrong-route administration while their distinctive blue printing is intended for easy-to-read graduations.
  • From our ADAPTACAP Bottle Cap Adapters, designed to convert your standard prescription bottles to a filling device for use with EXACTAMED Oral Dispensers– to our KWIKVIAL Containers, intended to assist with unit dose packaging, delivery and administration of oral liquid medications - Baxter’s range of accessories help to provide a broad spectrum portfolio for Oral and Enteral Systems.

Whether you are responsible for the preparation, packaging or administration of oral and enteral liquid medications, we're here with products to help your practices.