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ABACUS Calculation Software
For the safe and proper use of the devices referenced within, refer to the complete Instructions for Use or the appropriate manual.
The ABACUS Software is intended as an adjunct to and tool for pharmacy practice. It in no way replaces the professional judgment of a pharmacist.
Drug information and its clinical applications are constantly evolving as research and user experiences are evaluated. Decisions regarding drug therapy must be based on the professional judgment and independent interpretation of the clinician.

ABACUS Calculation Software
Keep it Simple. Precise. Efficient. Flexible.

  • ABACUS Calculation software helps simplify the ordering, calculation and labeling process for compounded and premix products. It was designed to be flexible to help meet your institution's needs and safety standards.
  • Verify Correct Patient

    ABACUS Software gives clinicians, pharmacists and technicians secure access to a patient database with order histories and notes for each patient.

  • Order Specifics

    If applicable, special instructions for an order will be indicated here

  • Order Values

    Changing the value, numerator or denominator or an active parameter for a selected ingredient prompts ABACUS Software to calculate the other values for that component.

  • Results Summary

    Summary of the order, administration, energy, ion and previous order information.

  • Administration Instructions

    The prescribed date and time for administration are printed clearly on the label of each numbered bag, along with the nutritional summary and formula.

USMP/78/17-0008(1) 10/18