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EXACTAMIX Automated Compounding Systems

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EXACTAMIX Valve Sets, EVA Bags, Inlets, and Dual-Chamber Bags are Rx Only.

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EXACTAMIX Automated Compounding Systems

The EXACTAMIX Compounder is an automated pumping system that compounds multiple sterile ingredients into a finished solution in a single patient bag. With EXACTAMIX Compounders, Baxter Healthcare Corporation may help streamline your practice for compounding total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and other multi-ingredient solutions.

  • Designed for cosigner validation of right drug/right port, the once daily set-up includes a Prime and Verify process.
  • Helps reduce the need for manual additions by pumping volumes as low as 0.2 mL.
  • Produces a 3L patient-ready TPN bag in approximately four minutes
  • Facilitates compliance with detailed reporting on calibration activities, pumping accuracy and individual patient formulas.

To complement the EXACTAMIX Automated Compounding System, Baxter offers a range of components for multi-ingredient compounding. EXACTAMIX Valve Sets, EVA Bags, Inlets and Dual-Chamber Bags are designed specifically for EM1200 and EM2400 Compounders. Please visit our product catalog for accessories information

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