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Neonatal Enteral Feeding

NEOTHRIVE Enteral Feeding Syringe is Rx Only.

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Neonatal Enteral Feeding

Using dedicated enteral syringes for neonatal feeding helps your neonatal patients get the nutrition they need while helping to reduce tubing misconnections.

Baxter's NEOTHRIVE Enteral Feeding Syringes are designed to deliver formula or breast milk to neonatal patients, using a dispenser tip not compatible with Luer, needleless or other injection fittings.

NEOTHRIVE Syringes feature "Enteral Orange" coloring and "Enteral Feeding Only" labeling as a visual cue to help further reinforce the prevention of tubing misconnections.

NEOTHRIVE Enteral Feeding Syringes are designed for use with enteral feeding tubing manufactured by other medical device and accessory providers.

Feeding should only be administered via the enteral route. Never connect syringe to non-enteral tubing.